Sunday, January 6, 2008

My Spelling and Grammar

Green: Your crappy comics are full of spelling and grammar errors
Blue: MS paint does not have spell check
Green: Its not that hard to prof read this stuff before you post it
Blue: Actually I am spelling and grammar challenged. I cant see the mistakes in my own writing.
Green: You know your going to catch hell about this a lot
Green: And wtf, MS Paint?

I will make the comment that I know I struggle with spelling. Well, I don't struggle any more. I just gave up. So I want to to give you the heads up now. I expect to catch a lot of heat over this issue.

Online Cartoonist Finds Financial Success Offline

Online Cartoonist Finds Financial Success Offline

Blue: I’m going to make millions off these comics
Blue: Some guys that does web comics just published a book with them
Green: Dude, you have only been writing comics for 3 days and only have 12
Blue: So

Do something stupid

Blue: Do something stupid
Green: Why?
Blue: No reason
Green: Your out of comic ideas already

I didnt make the list

Blue: The guys over at Pro blogger made a list of the 7 types of posts that generate traffic
Blue: It was a good read
Green: What did it say about this type of blog post?
Blue: We didn’t make the list

7 Types of Blog Posts Which Always Seem to Get Links and Traffic

Warren Miller at Beckmill Research

Todays comic was inspired by someone saying something stupid. I was browsing some stuff that talked about a talk Bill Gates gave. I then found this comment at the bottom.

Bill Gates lecturing about complexity is like Jack the Ripper lecturing about the treatment of women. Gates's Garbageware is the most absurd, convoluted, needlessly complex suite of products that was ever foisted on markets. It is Garbageware because it comes from a monopoly that was constituted through tying, which, as taught in Antitrust 101, is illegal. Unfortunately, the feds don't understand this, or are afraid of Gates, so they surrendered. We're all paying the price for that by having to content with an overpriced, rotten group of products about whose purchase we have no practical choice.

I know its just flame bait but I could not resist. I checked out his site link. It took me to a small company page that was cheaply done. I found at least one broken link on it. This guy turns out to be the domain holder. The address matches that of the business. Its possible its a one man shop, but I didn't look that deep. So I came up with this comic and posted it as a response.

Blue: Hi, I am Warren Miller from Beckmill research
Green: Microsoft's software is crap because they are a monopoly
Green: That’s like saying Beckmill Research sucks because Warren miller is a jerk
Green: Even if it was true, it does not relate that way

Saturday, January 5, 2008

The story so far

I have already posted a lot of comics. I am going to start posting the text of the comics to make them more searchable. I just wanted to give you the heads up if you were wondering what the hell I was doing.

RIAA puts foot in mouth

RIAA's 'Misspeaking' May Have Affected Verdict
Blue: The RIAA did something stupid again
Green: Why I am not surprised. What is it this time?
Blue: They lied in court but they claim they just misspoke
Green: So I guess someone finally figured out they are full of crap

When special people train

Blue: You know how ned has been doing his own training on our new sales system
Blue: He had an employee leave and I gave him a report of some slips that guy never closed
Blue: A few days later he came down asking me how to close sales slips
Green: That’s an important detail that he should be teaching
Blue: I just wanted to see the look on your face when you found out

Manual merge

Manual Conversion

Old person with phone

Make your porn work for you

Friday, January 4, 2008

new lab

trusted email



Office Offline

I want to thank the blogger over at

David Salaguinto set up Office Offline that posts fun comics. He was kind enough to post a easy to use template. Because of him I decided to post a hand full of comics in the same style. I'm not sure how long I will keep posting them, but enjoy them. And stop over at his site for some office humor.

That one guy

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Danger, Danger

Investors, "Beware" of Record Companies


HD Monitor Causes DRM Issues with Netflix

Blue: I just got a sweet new HD monitor to watch all my Netflix downloads on
Blue: But the DRM does not support my monitor so I have to reset my DRM risking loosing my entire collection
Green: That sounds like a lot of work to get the videos you paid for to work
Green: It's a good thing its so hard to download pirated movies
Green: Its also a good thing that your Netflix videos are better quality than that free stuff
Blue: Actually, the free stuff is easy to get and better quality
Green: Oh yeh? Who in their right mind would pay for DRM content then?

ok, its not a good idea

Blue: I have a good idea for a comic that I want to post on the internet
Green: Oh God
Blue: It will be great. It will be me talking about posting my good idea
Green: And let me guess. I try to talk you out of posting it

Colors and Icons

This clip makes me very sad because its true. Name changed to protect the innocent.

Blue: Ned makes the best spreadsheets
Blue: It has all kinds of colors and icons
Green: You know he doesn't use formulas and hand types all the calculations, right?
Blue: Oh, but it looks cool

deep thoughts by stld52

Sometimes I want to write stupid stuff but not look like an idiot. Sometimes I want to point out how stupid I think something is with out getting burned. Sometimes I just don't want to be me.

Our blogs are us. They reflect our lives and they can affect our lives. Our lives are an open book. We hide behind the internet, but the people we know can find us. The people we talk about can hear us. Why open ourselves up to that. When so much can happen from the words you write, why do we still write them.

This is the blog of stld52. When I can't say it in person, I say it here. I say it from a open public wireless network. I say it from an address that is not mine. I say it from a random string of characters.

The Accountant