Sunday, January 6, 2008

Warren Miller at Beckmill Research

Todays comic was inspired by someone saying something stupid. I was browsing some stuff that talked about a talk Bill Gates gave. I then found this comment at the bottom.

Bill Gates lecturing about complexity is like Jack the Ripper lecturing about the treatment of women. Gates's Garbageware is the most absurd, convoluted, needlessly complex suite of products that was ever foisted on markets. It is Garbageware because it comes from a monopoly that was constituted through tying, which, as taught in Antitrust 101, is illegal. Unfortunately, the feds don't understand this, or are afraid of Gates, so they surrendered. We're all paying the price for that by having to content with an overpriced, rotten group of products about whose purchase we have no practical choice.

I know its just flame bait but I could not resist. I checked out his site link. It took me to a small company page that was cheaply done. I found at least one broken link on it. This guy turns out to be the domain holder. The address matches that of the business. Its possible its a one man shop, but I didn't look that deep. So I came up with this comic and posted it as a response.

Blue: Hi, I am Warren Miller from Beckmill research
Green: Microsoft's software is crap because they are a monopoly
Green: That’s like saying Beckmill Research sucks because Warren miller is a jerk
Green: Even if it was true, it does not relate that way

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